Introducing Revanesse® Versa™


With a vast selection of hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers on the market and all of them having different personalities, it can be difficult knowing what product you're interested in. This is where you leave it up to your experienced injector to decide which product is best for you depending on your particular anatomy and where the filler is needed.

Revanesse Versa is actually the first HA dermal filler to be manufactured in North America. It received FDA approval in the US in 2017. Versa was designed to be "versatile," capable of treating multiple areas (i.e. nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lips) and achieving beautiful, natural results. The design features of this product ensure that the particles are smooth, well-balanced, and most importantly, safe.

Due to its design, patients may experience less swelling compared with other HA dermal fillers on the market. In addition, typical syringes product of HA dermal fillers are 1.0 mL in size; Versa syringes provide 1.2mL of product, allowing greater coverage and a better price point per syringe.

Interested in Versa?

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