The New 30 – At 50, why not look the way you feel?


With our youth-obsessed culture, a person’s next birthday is not always a cause for celebration. My husband Vic, who recently turned 50, went as far as to try and ignore his birthday altogether. Men and women no longer need to be anxious about hitting that half-century mark anymore. 50 today is a lot different than our grandparents’ or even parents’ “50”.

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Recon­structive Surgery (AAFPRS) conducted a survey of ap­proximately 500 women between the ages of 45–60 to find out what they think about the changing face of 50. The general consensus is that 50 is more like the new 30.

On average, 69% of women age 45–60 reported feeling at least six years younger than their chronological age. Women in their fifties still feel sexy, vibrant, beautiful and desirable. Now, more and more men and women are not happy with just looking 10 years younger, mostly because they feel closer to 20 years younger. This is especially true in South Florida, where image and youth are very much looked at.

When it comes to reversing the hands of time our patients demand a natural result – not the stretched, pulled look of previous generations. Many people still do not realize that in this realm, “more” isn’t better. “More” can actually look older. Men and women tell us they simply want to be the best, most youthful and attractive version of themselves they can be, without looking too different. Many of my 50+ year old patients bring in pictures of themselves 10-15 years ago so I can match the way they feel to the way they used to look.

The growth of so many available, tested and effective non-surgical options, from Wa­ter (HydraFacial), Acids (Chemical Peels), Toxins (Botox® and Dysport®), Fillers (Juve­derm®, Sculptra® and Voluma®), Radio Frequency (eMatrix®), and Laser (FRAXEL®), to Ultra Sound, (LipoSonix®) as well as surgical treatments has been very successful in slowing down the visible signs of aging and allowing our patients to maintain their youth­ful appearance for longer. In fact, in this study, 72% of the women surveyed have tried skin peels, while over 50% have had injections of neurotoxins or fillers, and 15% have had cosmetic facial surgery. In South Florida, I would guess these numbers to be much higher. While these procedures alone have a big impact on your youthful appearance, the patients I see that combine exercise, proper nutrition, increased water intake, and sun avoidance have a big advantage compared over those that do not.

If you feel 10-20 years younger than your chronological age, but when you look in the mirror it tells you a different story, come see us at Ageless Medical for a free “I WANT TO LOOK HOW I FEEL” consultation.

Erin Owoc, ARNP-C has been practicing cosmetic dermatology for the last 12 years in Florida. An accomplished medical professional, Erin continually enhances her knowledge and skills through advanced training in the latest aesthetic techniques and laser technology. Age­less Medical (10640 Griffin Road, Suite 102, Cooper City) is one of the few Botox® and Juvederm® Platinum Plus providers in South Florida. In addition, Erin is also a National Trainer for Allergan Inc. (the makers of Botox and Juvederm) to Doctors, ARNPs and PAs.

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