Removing Tattoos with Lasers – The Right Technology Is Finally Here

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Probably the most exciting part of our Medical Aesthetic Practice for me is removing tattoos. In the last 12 years, I have removed thousands of tattoos…. that’s a lot of stories! I have removed everything from names of past loves, cartoon characters, tear drops, gang symbols, and many others. The stories that go along with them are priceless, but the common theme is that they no longer want the tattoo and they need for it to be erased.

Besides bad decisions, changes in military policy also increase the need to safely and effectively remove tattoos (in varies by branch of the military but most do not want tattoos above the collar bone of below the wrist).

Ageless Medical has now acquired the NaturaLase-QS, which is the most powerful tattoo removal laser on the market. When the power of the lasers increase, so does the effectiveness of the tattoo removal process allowing for fewer treatments, providing a shorter treatment time (less discomfort), and overall a better outcome.

Unfortunately, a lot of facilities in Davie claim to be tattoo removal experts, when in reality they are using lasers not best suited for tattoo removal or old outdated technology. At Ageless Medical we specifically focus on Laser Tattoo Removal. Like with any medical procedure the patient needs to understand and educate themselves on this process and the technology.

I have found there are 5 things to look at when having your tattoo removed:

  • The power and type of the laser,
  • the ability of the laser to do multiple colors,
  • the experience of the medical practitioner operating the lasers,
  • the availability of the tattoo removal lasers,
  • the price of the treatment.


At Ageless Medical we own the most powerful tattoo removal laser available in the world, the 2 Joule (2,000mj) Naturalase. This is exactly 10 times more powerful than the Picosure at 200mj and has a larger spot size (12mm vs 3.5mm). We are lucky to be the first in South Florida with this technology. Using old laser technology can damage your skin causing scar tissue that in the long term will make it harder to remove the tattoo.

More power benefits you because:

  • the patient will require fewer treatments (4-8,vs 6-15 + with old laser tattoo technology)
  • you can utilize a larger spot size (12mm) and with a larger spot size you can cut the treatment time in half or more, which equates to a more comfortable procedure. The NaturaLase-QS has the largest spot size of any tattoo removal laser.


There are very specific wavelengths required to treat specific colors. An example is that the wavelength 1064nm is excellent for black ink, but poor for red and yellow ink.

The Naturalase can treat all colors because it supports 4 wavelengths (1064nm, 532nm, 585nm, and 650nm). The Picosure offers one wavelength, the 755nm that is good for blue and green only.


Your medical practitioner should have many years experience removing tattoos with lasers. Ask for their own before and after pictures and years of experience removing tattoos before you have the procedure done.


We own all of our tattoo removal lasers (Focus Medical NaturaLase-QS Tattoo Removal Laser and MedLite Q-switched Nd:YAG Tattoo Removal Laser) and unlike many practices that just rent it once a month you can come in anytime for the procedure. We are open later on Tuesdays and Thursdays and early on Saturdays.


Understand that multiple visits will be required based on the age of the tattoo, the colors, the depth of the ink, location on the body, professional or amateur tattoo artist, size etc. We are one of the most competitively priced laser tattoo removal practices in South Florida. You have the option to pay as you go or we offer discounted packages if purchased up front. A total erasure of the tattoo is now possible with the right technology & medical practitioner so do your research and you will be pleased with the results.

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