Loose Skin on Face and Neck

Treatment for Loose Skin on Face and Neck

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Loose skin on the face, whether the eyelids, sides of the face, chin, neck, or even the décolletage does not have to be a lost cause. Today, there are a variety of safe, effective aesthetic medical treatments to lift, tighten, and tone skin without surgery or significant downtime.

At Ageless Medical, we are experts in improving skin’s firmness and taking it from loose and droopy to toned and youthful. With several treatments available, our expert medical practitioners will recommend the best option or combination to provide you with optimal results that will really lift your spirits!

CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing for Loose Skin and Neck

With the strongest laser in our collection, a CO2 treatment rebuilds skin from the inside out. The CO2, a fractional carbon dioxide laser, is powerful enough to dramatically improve aging skin in need of significant resurfacing. Typically, just one treatment is all you need from the ablative CO2 laser, which works deep below the skin’s surface and also removes some outer layers of old, dead skin. For this level of skin rejuvenation, 1 to 2 weeks of downtime is required during which your skin rebuilds as collagen production skyrockets and your skin becomes tighter and more elastic once again.


CoolBella™ is a process of using CoolSculpting and Kybella together in one treatment to remove fat from under your skin. This ultimate treatment for “double chin” utilizes two research proven fat reduction technologies for the hard to treat fat area under your skin. CoolBella is only offered at Ageless Medical.

MOXI™ Laser

The MOXI™ Laser by Sciton is the latest non-ablative laser that provides a gentler approach to laser resurfacing.

Designed to treat all skin types, anytime of the year, MOXI™ is ideal for younger patients who are just starting a skin regimen or those wanting to revitalize and refresh your skin’s appearance without downtime.

SkinMedica Vitalize Peel and HydraFacial MD

The Vitalize Peel from SkinMedica is a chemical peel that addresses various skin conditions and can reverse the signs of aging progressively without having to undergo an aggressive treatment. The Vitalize Peel stimulates collagen production, which smooths skin tone and reduces the appearance of age spots. A series of 3 peels spaced about a month apart is recommended followed by regular HydraFacial MD treatments for best results and maintenance.

Ultherapy for Loose Skin and Face

Ultherapy works by sending focused ultrasound energy deep below the skin to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production and counteract the effects of time and gravity. By utilizing ultrasound energy, this non-surgical treatment for the face, neck, and décolletage causes the body’s own natural healing process to kick in and lift, tone, and tighten lax skin. With one treatment, Ultherapy improves conditions like: turkey neck, drooping face, jowls, sagging eyelids, chest wrinkles and more. Results appear gradually during the 6 to 8 months following treatment and last for about 2 years before a touch-up is needed.


The newest generation of microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) and healing LEDs, Vivace was created to dramatically improve overall skin quality and regenerate a youthful appearance. This advanced, non-surgical treatment stimulates natural collagen production in multiple ways at the same time to tighten and tone the skin, lessen lines and winkles, reduce the appearance of scarring, and even diminish stretch marks.

For over a decade, Ageless Medical has set itself apart as the leading Medical Spa in South Florida area by offering the most effective, research proven non-surgical appearance enhancement and skin rejuvenation procedures in a beautiful, soothing spa environment. Find us by searching Vivace Weston, CoolSure Weston, CoolSculpting Weston, Laser Tattoo Removal Weston, Botox Weston, Ultherapy Weston, Juvederm Weston, Laser Hair Removal Weston, CO2 Resurfacing Weston. Men’s Medical Spa Services include Laser Hair Removal for Men, Botox for Men, and Coolsculpting for Men. Top Medical Spa Weston | Top Medical Spa Weston

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