Leaps in Laser Tattoo Removal Technology Make a Total Removal a Faster Process

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PiQo4 PicoSecond Laser Now FDA Cleared

Erin Owoc, ARNP 12/10/15

Tattoos have become even more common over the past decade. A Harris poll found that 1 out of every 5 adults, or 21 percent has at least one tattoo. A Pew Research Center study found that the number was closer to 40 percent among those ages 18 to 29. I have been using lasers to remove thousands of tattoos now for 14 years and Laser Tattoo removal is an exciting part of our Medical Aesthetic Practice. I have seen many smiles over these years once our patient’s unwanted tattoo is completely removed.

There have been minimal advances during these years including treating color more effectively, faster treatment times per session and more power (measured in joules) that lessens the amount of treatments.

A few years back, shorter pulse duration PICO lasers were introduced. Shorter pulse duration can be described as breaking the tattoo ink into smaller particles so your body can more easily remove it. That was a huge advance but that technology was not perfected. It only had 1 wavelength (color it could treat) also some tattoos respond better to longer pulse durations (such as the original Q-switched NANO lasers). When treating a tattoo, the amount of ink in the tattoo, the age of the tattoo, the size of the tattoo, the location of the tattoo and of course the colors of the tattoo are all factors on the wavelength you use, the amount of power and pulse duration chosen.

Ageless Medical has now acquired the just released PiQo4, which is not only the most powerful tattoo removal laser on the market but the ONLY PICO laser that combines a 4-wavelength system with picosecond & nanosecond pulses. Until the PiQO4, this combined high power/pico & nano / multi-wavelength technology in lasers was not available, even utilizing multiple lasers.

When choosing a medical practitioner to remove your tattoo, always consider:

  • The laser to be used,
  • how many wavelengths, (color it treats),
  • amount of energy,
  • nanosecond and picosecond capability
  • the experience of the medical practitioner operating the laser,
  • the reviews (YELP, Google etc.) of the medical facility.

Multiple visits are always required based on the age of the tattoo, the colors, the depth of the ink, location on the body, professional or amateur tattoo artist, size etc, but with the PiCO4, less visits are now required. Clearly, no other laser is more efficient at removing your tattoo than the PiCo4.

Ageless Medical is one of the most experienced and competitively priced laser tattoo removal practices in South Florida. Our patients have the option to pay as you go or we offer discounted packages if purchased up front.

Please call (954) 680-8330 to setup a free consultation with me to understand more about the PiCo4 and the laser tattoo removal process.

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