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Why 70% off at Laser Hair Removal chains really means you paying 40% more… Don’t get scammed.

It frustrates me when I hear the Laser Hair Removal chains say, “come in this week only and get 70% off and a lifetime warranty”!! Sounds great right? Well I am here to tell you that this certainly isn’t a deal at all. Let me tell you why. I have treated many clients that have shared with me their negative experiences in dealing with these chains. One patient told me that this local chain we hear on the radio all the time, told her the price for her legs was normally $1,890 each treatment. BUT this week ONLY it was 70% off or $567 for each treatment, and you need a package of 12 or $6,804. In fact if you buy today, we will give you a lifetime guarantee! Then the pressure to sign the contract begins…

There are 4 big problems here:

  • The first problem is that a package price for women’s legs at Ageless Medical cost $350 each, almost 40% LESS than the $567 they are charging you per session, and we do it with no contract.
  • Here is the next problem, you do not need 12 sessions. Depending on your ethnicity, you need on average 8 treatments, so you most likely will be wasting those extra 4 treatments x $567 or tossing $2,268 down the drain.
  • The next problem is you MUST sign a contract that is impossible to get out of. I have had patients that got pregnant after 1 session and could not get out of their contract. Even retaining a lawyer could not get them out of their laser hair removal contact.
  • Lastly is the experience of the laser tech may be questionable and that can negatively impact your results and safety. I am told that you rarely get the same laser tech and many times have difficulty getting an appointment. I have been doing laser hair removal for the past 10 years, and in fact I train Laser Hair Removal technicians seeking laser hair removal certification in South Florida.

That $6,804 she was quoted her legs would be $2,800 at Ageless Medical for the same technology but utilizing a much more experienced laser specialist.

So when you hear 70% off Laser Hair Removal, know you may be paying 40% more (exact same Candela technology), most likely will be paying for treatments that you will never use and may be locked into a one-way contract with an in-experienced laser tech. Buyer be aware, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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