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Even when you want to look your best, life can get in the way. While making an appointment for BOTOX injections seemed critical when you had that noticeable scowl, now that it’s time for a touch-up treatment, your busy schedule is keeping you from scheduling a visit. Besides, all of those wrinkles haven’t quite returned yet, right? Or maybe you want to have CoolSculpting to finally get rid of that extra belly fat, but it won’t fit in the budget this month. Our Defy Age Membership will help with both of these scenarios and have you on your way to more beautiful days.

With our Defy Age Membership, we combine cost savings and consistency for our patients, so that they are encouraged to get the treatments they want and need in a timely manner that will help them reach and maintain their goals. You can also join this membership of men and women who have taken control of their appearance. In addition to benefits like discounts on the treatments you are already getting and those you’ve been interested in learning more about, members receive a free Vitalize Chemical Peel or HydraFacial MD with light Peel treatment each year.

Join our Defy Age Membership

Plus – here’s where the “exclusive” part kicks in – members get invited to special VIP events, learn first about new products and have access to promotional pricing that is not offered to anyone else. There are two ways to become a Defy Age Member, including a no-fee option, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

By offering special pricing, exclusive events and behind-the-scenes looks at new products and treatments, we strive to make staying beautiful easy and less expensive for our dedicated clients. And this program encourages consistency, which will assist you in maintaining your treatment results. Because just like the gym, a Defy Age Membership benefits you most when you use it regularly. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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