How to Boost Collagen on All Layers of Your Skin


You are a complex person, and your skin is no different. While we see only its surface, the skin has several layers, and an effective antiaging program should address all of them. From the top to the bottom, 4.5mm below the surface, your skin will look and feel its best when each layer has enough collagen to keep it healthy, smooth and firm. The most complete program combines treatments and products to boost collagen production in each layer, starting with the deepest.

With our Ageless Medical Collagen Model, it’s easy to see the tissue depth improved by the various treatments we offer. The deeper you go, the more effective the treatments become. However, you need to know that the deepest solution generally become more invasive, too. That just means you might need to plan for an afternoon or day off, but the results will be so worth it.

Three treatments that work wonders on the deep dermis are CO2 laser, the strongest and most effective laser in our collection, Sculptra, a solution that causes you to slowly regrow collagen deep in your dermis, and Ultherapy, non-invasive ultrasound technology that boosts collagen to lift skin from below. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections also benefit this deep layer by using growth factors from your own blood to increase collagen production. If your skin needs overall or significant rejuvenation, always start by going deep to achieve dramatic results.

Moving up the Ageless Medical Collagen Model pyramid, many other effective treatments can be used independently or in combination (such as Stem Cells with Vivace) to enhance the appearance and health of your skin at any age. You are probably familiar with a lot of these, like dermal filler injections, microneedling, IPL, and radiofrequency energy.

To maintain the beautiful results you have achieved from treatments to boost collagen in the deep dermis, mid dermis and upper dermis, you’ll want to give your epidermis daily attention. This is where medical grade topical products like Retinol, Vitamin C and a good skincare regimen come in.

Visualizing firm, fresh rejuvenated skin at any age is easy by following our Collagen Model. Just be sure to start deep and provide care for every layer!

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