Glow Up with the DiamondGlow Clinical Facial


by Erin Owoc ARNP

Getting a traditional facial can be a relaxing experience. The spa music, dim lights and aromatherapy lull you into a state of calm, and you feel great inside. You may notice temporary benefits to your skin, but as far as real change or improvement, a spa facial can’t hold a candle – even a nicely scented one – to a clinical medical facial.

For visible and meaningful rejuvenation, clinical facials provide deep exfoliation, extraction and infusion of moisture. And when it comes to clinical facials, DiamondGlow offers the deepest clean and exfoliation as well as the most powerful serum infusion technique. It does so by way of a medical-grade diamond tip that abrades the skin while simultaneously infusing it with serums that address a patient’s individual skin issues.

This method of adding serums while performing exfoliation and vacuum extraction allows them to be absorbed by the skin just when it is most receptive.

In fact, studies have shown that this type of rapid hydration, plumps the epidermis by up to 70 percent!

While DiamondGlow is powerful enough to remove blackheads, it’s also gentle enough, thanks to the constant hydration that accompanies exfoliation, to be used on delicate areas like the eyes and lips – just where serums and moisture are needed most. It offers a solution for treating sensitive skin issues and aesthetic conditions, such as rosacea and acne. Infusion serums include benefits like ultra-hydration, vitamin C, skin brightening and pore clarifying.

You might not walk out of a DiamondGlow clinical facial in a state of inner peace, but after this effective 45-minute treatment, you will experience a transformation to your outer beauty.

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