Factors to Consider When Choosing a Light & Laser Treatment: Insights from Ageless Medical

Light and Laser Treatments

While light and laser treatments can produce astounding results, they may seem daunting for first-time users. This guide will provide you with a basic understanding and prepare you for a consultation. To assist in selecting the best treatment option for you, we have emphasized three crucial elements to consider: primary areas of concern, skin tone, and downtime. These factors should be given priority when making your decision. 


At Ageless Medical, our staff have acquired their proficiency in laser skin treatments by effectively treating numerous patients and regularly honing our skills through training. Utilizing our expertise, we advise on laser treatments that cater to the specific skin type and concerns of each patient. 


A Quick Overview of Lasers & How They Work:  


The word laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. To better understand this, lasers produce a very narrow beam of light that is useful in targeting issues regarding tone, texture, and coloration.  


Lasers use light and heat energy to cause controlled damage to the surface of the skin – when the body reacts, new skin is created as the body begins to heal itself (aka begins producing collagen – the ultimate repairer 


As light and laser technology continues to evolve, a vast array of treatment options have emerged that can target specific areas and concerns. In this article, we aim to guide you in finding the ideal treatment that fits your needs. 


Let’s Get Started... What is your Primary Area of Concern? 


Look through the images below, which image represents your skin concerns most closely? 

Skin Type and Concern

Skin Type and Texture

If A, B, or C represent issues you are currently seeing in your skin, you will most likely be targeting a pigmentation issue. Skin pigmentation concerns begin deep within the skin’s barrier and are often a result of increased melanin, sun exposure, scarring, and skin injuries. 


The best light & laser treatments to attack these skin issues are non-ablative treatments. Non-ablative treatments require little to no downtime (depending on the specific treatment), address discoloration, and generally do not affect the skin’s texture.  


Some non-ablative light & laser treatments we have to offer here at Ageless Medical are:  



If D, E, or F represent issues you are currently seeing in your skin, you will most likely be targeting a textural issue. Skin texture concerns present themselves closer to the surface of the skin’s barrier and are often a result of dead skin cell buildup (uneven skin), your environment (pollutants), aging, and acne scarring.  


The best light & laser treatments to tackle these issues are ablative treatments. Ablative treatments require a longer recovery process as they target the surface layer of the skin which results in a more dramatic recovery to the naked eye. With this longer recovery comes a more dramatic change to one's overall complexation. 


An ablative light & laser treatment we have to offer here at Ageless Medical is: 



Now that we have a better understanding of your skin concerns, let’s talk about your skin tone. 


Light & laser treatments are not a ‘one size fit’s all’ so, knowing your skin tone is crucial. 


Certain light and laser treatments can have negative effects on skin of color due to the higher concentration of pigment in darker tones.  


The Fitzpatrick scale is commonly used to determine a person's skin tone and aid in selecting appropriate treatments at our clinic. 

Fitzpatrick Scale

When identifying your skin tone, it is important to choose a shade that closely matches your own and to consider your skin sensitivity. Starting with this approach can be helpful, but keep in mind that a consultation with one of our experts will provide all the necessary information. 


Last but not least, how much downtime do you have for this procedure? 


Would you prefer a treatment that can be done during a lunch break or are you able to take a 2-week break?  


Availability of time is a factor to consider when selecting a treatment. As previously mentioned, different light and laser treatments have varying recovery periods, from no downtime to up to a month.  


Think about upcoming events, work schedule, or any other potential disruptions that may occur during your recovery and communicate this to your practitioner during your consultation. 


Book Your Light & Laser Appointment at Ageless Medical! 


Now that we have gone through a brief explanation on the basics of light and laser treatments it is time to take action.  


Our light and laser specialists shared their final insight on our clinic's best practices and how we ensure optimal outcomes for our patients. They stated: 


“We possess a comprehensive knowledge of the skin, its functions, and how it reacts to laser light. We plan and perform light and laser treatments with the ultimate results in mind, without compromising on skin safety.” 


In summary, we have provided a general overview of light and laser treatments. Armed with this information, you can approach your consultation with confidence and be prepared with the right questions. Book a consultation today! 

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