10 In-Office Treatments Skin Experts Get Every Spring


Spring is a time for renewal. From spring cleaning to the rebirth of blooming flowers, everything gets a touch-up and a fresh start this season, and your skin shouldn’t be left out. Whether you frequently hit the dermatologist’s office for treatments or you’re looking to get started this season, we’ve got a list of the appointments you should make this spring.

“Spring is the time to refresh and renew with in-office treatments that provide maximal results with minimal downtime,” says Bloomfield Hills, MI dermatologist Linda C. Honet, MD. “Although shedding the dry, dull, crinkly, wrinkly, lackluster layers of winter skin is essential to revealing the vibrancy and vitality hidden below, fast-tracking it may often become the goal when the warmer days are upon us.” We asked a handful of top dermatologists which in-office treatments they get every spring so you can do the same and come out looking like a pro.


“The spring is a time for renewal and procedures such as microdermabrasion,” says Saddle Brook, NJ dermatologist Dr. Frederic Haberman. “Since sun exposure tends to be more limited than in the summer, healing from microdermabrasion can be easier, and it will “give you a refreshed, more youthful appearance.”


“I love CoolSculpting,” says New York dermatologist Heidi Waldorf, MD. “If I get it at the start of spring, I’m ready for the lighter clothes of summer!”

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Davie, FL dermatologist Marianna Blyumin-Karasik, MD, says her birthday falls in the spring, so it’s a perfect time to do a “refresh in various areas that are central face/neck.” She does “fillers around lips and smile lines to have a bright, plump and hydrated pout and fillers under the eyes to minimize hollows and dark circles and give that rested awake look.”

Dr. Haberman explains that “fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse and Sculptra can combat wrinkles and folds through non-surgical means. They are injected below the skin, where they hydrate and plump up volume. The most popular types are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance found throughout the body.”


Rochester, NY dermatologist Lesley Loss, MD, says in the spring, she gets a HydraFacial. This treatment brightens the skin and helps skin-care products work better.

Dr. Waldorf also loves doing a HydraFacial in the spring. “Our signature Heidifacial, which combines a low power laser with HydraFacial, is a great way to reveal glowier, more hydrated skin,” she notes.

Botox Cosmetic

“Let’s not ever forget that some strategically-placed neuromodulator and dermal filler injections are year-round treatments that are perfect to get our skin ready for spring,” says Dr. Honet.

Dr. Loss says she makes sure to get Botox Cosmetic or Dysport treatments every three to four months. She says this helps keep her “looking rested and refreshed for all the fun events in spring!”

Diamond Glow Infusion with SkinMedica Pro-Infusion Serums

Dr. Honet recommends this treatment which exfoliates and extracts debris. The serums are infused into the skin during the treatment when pores are open for maximum absorption.

PicoWay Resolve VIP Laser Facial

“I love doing PicoWay Resolve VIP Laser Facial,” says Dr. Blyumin-Karasik. It’s quick, has minimal discomfort and only causes redness and dryness for a day or so. The treatment works to even skin tone, smooth texture and adds a “glorious radiance.”

AquaGold Mesotherapy

Dr. Honet advises getting this “customized cocktail of neurotoxin and filler” when spring hits. It’ll have you entering the warmer days with your best skin yet.

BBL Laser

“If there is time, I will get in one last BBL laser treatment,” says Dr. Loss. She explains this helps “to clear up brown spots before summer comes.”

IPL or Clear and Brilliant Laser

Dr. Honet suggests doing a light laser treatment in the spring, such as Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) or Clear and Brilliant. Talk with your dermatologist to choose the right laser for your skin goals.

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