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What is MicroNeedling? MicroNeedling is a revolution in skin improvement and rejuvenation, offering almost magical transformations to the skin’s texture and overall appearance. It involves using fine medical-grade needles to create numerous tiny, invisible puncture wounds in the skin’s top layer, in an effort to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. By provoking this wound-healing

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Both Ablative and Non-Ablative lasers can be highly effective if carried out correctly by a well-educated and certified practitioner. But, despite utilizing light and laser technology, their purposes, recovery time, and effectiveness differ significantly.  Here at Ageless Medical we understand the major shift in laser technology and have had ample opportunity to study and practice

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I’ve spent years telling myself that I’m ready to get laser hair removal. Sure, it can be expensive and uncomfortable, and depending on the area of choice—it involves letting a stranger get up close and personal with your most intimate parts. But, as someone who waxes and shaves often, to imagine an end to the

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Whether you have some pesky fuzz in spots you don’t want it, or you’re tired of shaving long stretches of hair, laser hair removal may seem like the most seamless solution. You’ve likely heard rumors about laser hair removal—from how much discomfort it begets to how well it works—so we’re here to clear up any

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I like to consider myself a generally body- and face-positive person: I don’t own a scale, I go makeup-free often, and I keep my self-talk fairly congenial. But I loathe my eyelids. Currently, my upper eyelids are resting uncomfortably close to my lower ones and have descended into a slow, steady sag—a common condition called

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