Erin & Vic Owoc reflect on 15 years of helping South Florida look its best


15 years ago, the clinic then known as “Ageless Skin” opened as a three-person operation in a local strip mall. Lots of hard work and 14,000 clients later, Ageless Medical is a thriving, 14-person team led by Erin Owoc, ARNP-C, and her husband, Vic Owoc, MBA. Their beautiful facility at 10640 Griffin Road, Suite 102 in Cooper City helps up to 90 patients a day look and feel their absolute best. Recently we sat down with the couple to discuss their journey and secrets to success.

What are some valuable lessons that you have learned over the past 15 years?

Vic: We have learned the importance of “ultimate patient satisfaction” and how it begins with happy employees. If you create a positive work environment, it sets the energy for the whole office. We have our “dream team” at Ageless Medical, and their combination of outstanding customer service and expertise results in very satisfied patients who return again and again – and tell their friends! In fact, patient referrals are by far our number one form of advertising.

Erin: I see how when we truly guide our patients in what they need, setting expectations and keeping results natural, trust builds. Our patients know we won’t steer them wrong.

Vic: I have also learned that we do not always have all of the answers. That’s why we are constantly educating our team, and why I created the Medical Aesthetic Mastermind Council where large, successful medical aesthetic practices that have been operating over 10 years have a forum for best practice sharing. It has saved us from making a lot of mistakes and elevated our practice in many areas.

What are some special moments that stand out over these 15 years?

Erin: I treasure being a part of my patients’ lives. I’ve been with them through marriages, divorces, sickness, pregnancies, and every other major life event. After all this time, a lot of my patients now come in with their grown children!

Vic: It’s the same with our staff. We’ve been there during times of sickness, pregnancies, and lots of celebrations, all while helping over 1,000 patients a month look as young as they feel. We know we would not be here without our awesome team and we are all truly a part of the “Ageless” family.

What do you like most about working at Ageless Medical?

Erin: I believe in creating the environment that you want to be in. We are a loving team that works well together and has the same goal and passion: To do our best everyday. It also is a joy to see a happy patient. So many times, after an aesthetic procedure, I have seen a patient cry with happiness when they look in the mirror. There is no greater satisfaction than that.

Vic: I like seeing the business grow and realizing the potential of our medical aesthetic practice. I take it as a challenge to be the best of the best, to continually measure where we are and manage where we need to go. Being able to meet our business objectives through satisfied employees and patients brings me happiness.

As a couple, how do you handle working together?

Vic: We are together 24/7, and I love it. It’s been pretty easy because we respect each other’s skills and support one-another as often as we can.

Erin: Also, Vic and I also really focus on different things, so we do not overlap on much. We come together on important matters like employee retention, business strategy, and exceeding our patients’ expectations. We really complement each other.

What does the future hold for Ageless Medical?

Erin: We have just hired our fourth aesthetic injector and are now a team of 14! It’s crazy to remember when it was just Vic, a receptionist, and me. It took a very long time to find employees who were the right fit. We want patients to trust that whomever they see, they will get the same level of expertise and customer service. In the early days, I was the brand, and the brand was me. Now “Ageless Medical” stands on its own. From a procedure standpoint, we are doing more CO2 treatments. Although they require more downtime than traditional approaches, the results are truly amazing.

Vic: As part of our neverending desire to be the best in the business, we’ve recently introduced Moxi/BBL lasers that excel at reducing sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles, while being faster and requiring less downtime than older methods.

Erin: We are so thrilled with what we have accomplished, so proud of our team, and so privileged to have such wonderful and loyal clients. We can’t wait to see what the next 15 years have in store.

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