Ablative VS. Non-Ablative Lasers – A Comparison by Ageless Medical

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Both Ablative and Non-Ablative lasers can be highly effective if carried out correctly by a well-educated and certified practitioner. But, despite utilizing light and laser technology, their purposes, recovery time, and effectiveness differ significantly. 

Here at Ageless Medical we understand the major shift in laser technology and have had ample opportunity to study and practice with both laser types.  

Before diving into our light & laser treatments of preference here at Ageless Medical, being the BBL, Moxi Laser and CO2 Laser, we want to give you a little overview on the main points of differentiation between Ablative and Non-Ablative Lasers. 

The Differences Between Ablative Vs. Non-Ablative Laser Treatments 

Ablative Lasers  

Ablative lasers such as C02 and Eribum work by vaporizing the top layer of your skin (known as the epidermis) to promote removal of facial ageing and irregularities. In order for the epidermis to rejuvenate and revive properly, ablative lasers also heat the underlying skin layer known as the dermis to promote synthesis of new collagen fibres.   

To put this into simpler terms, ablative laser are more aggressive on the skin and concentrate on improving moderate wrinkles, scaring, and overall discoloration. Dramatic improvements to the skin can become noticeable after just one treatment. 

Some other key factors to be aware of are:  

  • Downtime can take up to 8 weeks  
  • During recovery you may see swelling, bruising, and peeling (All possible outcomes should be touched upon by practitioner pre and post treatment)  
  • Works on improving overall complexion (more glow/more brightness to skin) 
  • Not as common in medical spas today 
  • Only one session is necessary in most situations  

 Non-Ablative Lasers  

Non-Ablative lasers such as IPL, BBL, and Pulsed Dye Laser are treatments that work differently from the previous ones mentioned. These lasers penetrate deeper within the skin and stimulate the production of new collagen without destroying the top layers.  

Non-Ablative lasers are best for improving skin issues associated with texture and tone. We use these lasers to improve mild wrinkles and fine lines, as well as pigmentation issues. These lasers require multiple sessions but require little to no downtime. 

Some key factors to be aware of are:  

  • Treatments target discoloration and target red spots, brown spots, and sun-damage colour  
  • These lasers work on a much broader range of skin types 
  • Some may experience mild redness or swelling during recovery  

It is a great starting point to understand the difference between umbrella terms such as ablative and non-ablative lasers. This language is often used when discussing light and laser treatments and will give you a general idea of what you should expect.  

With that said, every treatment differs slights, so let us highlight our laser treatments here at Ageless Medical to help you understand which treatment best suits you! 

Ageless Medical Ablative & Non-Ablative Laser Options  

BBL Skin Rejuvenation – Non-Ablative 

BBL Skin Rejuvenation is unique in that it has been demonstrated to alter the gene expression related to aging, lifespan and longevity.  

Through regular BBL sessions, your skin will appear: 

  1. Clearer
  2. Smoother
  3. Younger

This is achieved by directing focused light energy to restore gene expression at a molecular level, resulting in tighter, youthful-looking skin. People undergoing this treatment can effectively treat wrinkles, sunspots, acne and other skin issues caused by aging and hormonal changes, which can often lead to low self-esteem and embarrassment.  

BBL is a safe and effective non-surgical anti-aging solution for skin imperfections. 

Learn more about BBL Skin Rejuvenation here. 

Moxi Laser – Non-Ablative 

Moxi Laser by Sciton is the latest non-ablative laser that provides a gentler approach to laser resurfacing.  

MOXI™ comfortably delivers non-ablative fractionated laser energy to the skin to promote new cell growth and reduce unwanted pigment. With MOXI™ you can correct uneven pigmentation and improve skin tone and texture without the recovery or downtime associated with more aggressive laser procedures. 

Learn more about Moxi Laser Here  

C02 Laser – Ablative  

With the strongest laser in our collection, a CO2 treatment rebuilds skin from the inside out. The CO2, a fractional carbon dioxide laser, is powerful enough to dramatically improve aging skin that suffers from sun damage, wrinkles, or rough texture and needs significant resurfacing.   

Ready to see if the C02 laser treatment is for you? Learn more today!  

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